Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drying Time

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My spring cleaning by going green this year isn't just about making my own cleaning products. I believe going green should also be about saving money too and working towards self sufficiency.

I really like the term "off the grid"... meaning: (in part) "Usually when people say they are living “off the grid” they mean that, very simply, their home doesn’t get its electricity from the power lines. Instead, they’re living without electricity, or generating their own. However, the term is sometimes used to mean something broader. “Living off the grid” can imply that you’re self-sufficient in other ways, too: For example, you may be getting your water from a well, and heating your home with a wood stove. Being completely off grid would make you completely independent of the utility companies!"Read more:

One SMALL way I'm moving us closer to "off the grid" is by using our appliances less and nature more. Besides, people survived many years ago without a Maytag dryer. We should be able to use the gifts given to us to sustain. And flourish. My first step is line drying our clothes. I've wanted to do this for years, but, the trees in our back yard house lots of little winged friends who don't have a designated spot for using the rest room. In other words, spotted clean clothing is our result. And drying them on wooden racks in the house didn't seem to be possible either... it was taking days for these wet clothes to dry.... UNTIL... I found this wonderful blog.

One of her many wonderful tips is to put your wet clothes in the dryer, on high, for only 10 minuets. make sure to use a kitchen timer, as, your dryer timer has a built in cool down system (your clothes won't get a full 10 minuets of high heat). This short amount of time with high heat starts the drying process in your clothes. quickly take them out and then lay/hang them out on drying racks. The clothes will continue to dry. Again, I was skeptical, as, I've tried drying clothes on racks before and it took days. This time, I put the clothes next to our back door and let the spring breeze blow through the screen. And morning, an entire load was dry. including jeans (well, baby jeans anyway). I can't wait to continue this and compare last month's energy bill to next months bill. Will there be a change? I hope so. Another great thing is, with the clothes spread out on racks clearly visible from our kitchen, (and somewhat blocking the back door) things get put away quicker. And with urgency (especially when my mother is dropping by...) :)

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