Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pin It

HELLO FIRST DAY OF SPRING! I'm excited to say that I'm participating in a blogger's challenge this spring for cleaning! More work you say? to not only clean, but to blog about it too?! Nah... just makes it more fun and now I'm REALLY held accountable to get the job done! :) In addition to blogging myself, there is a list of ladies out there blogging about their projects too! Follow this link to check out  their tips, plans and goals http://tidymom.net/2012/how-to-clean-dishwaher/#more-17031

Because I'm a huge fan of the FLY Lady, (if you have heard of her or her cleaning methods, check it out here www.flylady.com) I really don't need to do a FULL spring clean make-over of my house... I work on areas all year long! So, this spring, I've decided to clean my house of harsh chemicals, save my budget from expensive brand name products, and help mother earth by reducing, reusing and recycling MORE in our home! Hooray!

With discovering Pinterest, this process has become easier! the DYI section is flooded with great ideas and recipes ranging from DYI laundry detergent (my fave!) to teeth whitener! Who would've thought?! So, my goal is to fill up my Spring Clean and go Green pin board with these ideas and try each one to see if it really works!  You can follow my Pinterest board here http://pinterest.com/lharvey81/spring-clean-and-going-green-2012/

Check out my blog tomorrow to see the recipe I use for the DYI laundry detergent AND how I save money on drying clothes. :)


  1. Totally following your pinterest board! Can't wait to see your progress and what works/what doesn't!

  2. Hey hey hey! My first comment... EVER! lol. Thanks Andrea! I can't wait to get started! :D

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see your recipe! We're doing a green series next month on my blog and I can't wait. The only "green" cleaner I'm hesitant about, though, is laundry detergent. So, I'll be interested to know how you like yours :)

    Thanks for linking up to the Spring Cleaning Challenge!!

  4. p.s. perhaps you'd be interested in guest posting? If so, feel free to send me an email at christine@idreamofclean.net. I couldn't find yours or I would have sent you one :)