Thursday, April 19, 2012

31 & Art Journal Caravan 2012

Pin It I was cleaning out some old boxes earlier this spring and found several old journals of mine from high school and college. I stopped the cleaning process and decided to sit and read a while. My heart began to race as I read back in time... images and special moments that I'd forgotten started to race through my mind. Some paragraphs seemed like a different person had written them... I was a little shocked at how in-tune I was with my own feelings back then and how long it's been since I've revisited "myself". Twelve years since the last journal entry.... way too long. I decided... it's time to pick this up again.

I've read many articles on how important it is to keep a journal. I've used the excuse of not having time, but, I'm learning that you don't have to write 10 pages per entry... and journaling can consist of sticky notes through-out the day if needed! Just write it down, get it out, and free your mind for more. :)

I signed up for 31, an online journaling/scrapbooking class that gives you 31 prompts to write about. Along with all the tools and instructions needed to design a nice completed project. 31 would be the perfect starting point for me to get back in the habit of journaling for myself. The class starts in May, so, I decided to start brainstorming on the design aspect. To me, the art of the piece is just as important as the words. I've been following along with the Art Journal Caravan 2011 gallery this past year. The movement of art journaling inspires me to color outside the lines. I knew this would be the perfect method and style for this self exploration. I have now joined Art Journal Caravan 2012 and will marry these to projects together. The Caravan also includes prompts and other ideas this year for journaling about ones self. While I wait for 31 to start, I've started on some of the Caravan projects. First step, write a letter to yourself. What a perfect way for me to jump back into my journaling world.

I encourage you, if you are not already, to journal. Don't get caught up in a book... start with a scratch piece of paper. don't worry about grammar or spelling... its a journal... not a New York Times best seller. :) If you need help getting started, there are SO MANY blogs and groups out there that provide tips, prompts and encouragement. I've created a journaling link list to the right, of places I go for inspiration.


  1. I LOVE journaling. I did it all the time as a child, stopped in college(probably because I had so much "real" computer work to do!) and I do it again now. It's how I think, even how I pray sometimes. and the fewer rules, the better :)

    Happy journaling!
    (stopped by from bloggy moms! Nice to 'meet' you!)

  2. One of the things I love about blogging is that it ends up serving as a journal of sorts. Obviously there are things you'd never want to share with the whole world, but still. Many things that are working in my heart end up on the pages of my blog! :)

    Thanks so much for linking to Grace at Home!