Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Before and After

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I thought I would share a favorite method of mine to achieve fun, personal, art journal pages with photos. This one was tricky! I wanted to do a fun "Alice" themed page for the Mad Like A Hatter collection by OTBDS. I knew EXACTLY which pic I was going to use. The goofy one of me (wearing WAY TOO MUCH makeup) from this year's office Halloween party. I was even holding a tray that I could use for my tea cup. ;)

I took the original photo into photoshop, cut "me" out of the picture and began building it with pieces from the Hatter collection. I needed to cover the "bread" on the tray, so, I layered cut out pieces of darker background paper over the tray. I made sure to add the depth to the sides so it didn't look flat and awkward. I also included a reflection of the tea cup so the tray looked metallic.

I used the blender tool to smooth out the edges of my hair and used some lighting effects on my face. To finish it off and to continue with my personal style, I traced the features on my face so that it didn't look too much like a cut out photo. :)

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