Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Scrapping Schedule

Pin It So, if you are reading this post and you are into scrapbooking, you are fully aware of the simple fact that there are too many options and not enough time! It drives me crazy when I am able to find a spare 10 minuets to design a page, and I spend 7 minuets just trying to decide what I want to do!


Well, I think I figured out my own little system that will keep me organized, interested, and help me use the most of my time designing... and not sorting through challenges or shops. ;) 5:00am comes early at my house, I want to be able to grab my cup of coffee and know what the plan is before I even sit down at my computer.  Here is my rundown:

Monday: Art Journal Caravan. This is a pay to play group offered at Scrapbookgraphics.com. This, year-long, journey is created and orchestrated by the talented Tangie Baxter. Each week, she sends the "groupies" a list of prompts or ideas to journal or scrapbook about. You also get discounts and freebies for belonging to this caravan group. This is my first year on the journey and it's been a blast so far! This is where I landed my spot on Tangie's Creative Team! :D

Tuesday:  Design House Digital. Love this site! Mondays are when they post their 4Play challenges. They have MANY other challenges on their site too, but, 4Play has always been my favorite... maybe because you get a free kit out of the deal. ;)

Wednesday: The Lilly Pad. I've only been a member of this group for a couple of weeks now. I love their MONTHLY challenge line up. They list out 7 challenges that you can participate in for each month. I like this idea, as, I can pick and choose how many, and which ones I really want to do! :D And, to top it off, they offer a percentage off in their store for the number of challenges you complete! SA-WEET!

Thursday: Sweet Shoppe Designs. This was the VERY FIRST scrapbooking website I found when I started to design digitally... I was excited to see the launch of their new look recently and they are doing things differently! SSD is now using Pinterest for their challenges! (A sight after my heart!)
Each month, they find fun things on pinterest and create challenges from them. I about fell out of my chair when I went to July's board and saw.... MY TUTORIAL... as one of July's challenges! um.... AWESOME!?!?!? (I feel like a stalker in their forum... I can't wait to see who picks that challenge and what they create!!! lol.) :D

Friday: Free for me. Sometimes, I need a day where I don't have anything scheduled. Especially being on a creative team... I need a day that I can use to catch up on assignments and fit in an extra challenge or blog layout.

Saturday: Before and After Tutorials. As you know... I'm now building and recording tutorials. The first one was such a huge hit... I've decided to make a series. And this takes time. A lot of time. So, I've dedicated Saturday morning to tutorials only. I will  pick a layout that I created from the week and do a video tutorial on how I achieved the look.

Sunday: NO COMPUTERS (this is our family day)

This schedule isn't carved in stone just yet, but, I hope it will at least help me get focused and not get trapped in a shopping cart. ;) If you have a schedule for scrapping...post a comment and let me know what helps you! :)

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