Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pre-Friday Freebie

Pin It So, I don't have any challenges on my schedule for tomorrow morning scrapbooking. It's a free morning to scrap whatever I want... with whatever I want. :) The wheels are spinning.

One of the things I'm planning to help my son with this summer is to eat cereal, with milk,out of the bowl. I think he is ready  to graduate from the little snack cup with the rubber lid...

Even though we haven't done this yet (waiting for a Saturday morning when Momma and Dada can both be there... these are the sweet moments you just have to witness in person.) I'm setting up my layout already. I know I'll want to doodle in this layout, as, I have a feeling we are going to have one messy situation. I'm already picturing milk everywhere and Cheerios being flung across the room. :)

So, I decided to go ahead and create the main items by doodling them out... a milk jug... and the bowl. I can do a 2 page layout... one side with my doodling and journaling and the other side with the photos from the event. I can already see it in my head. :)

Click here to access the doodle files!

Any who... I'm pretty excited about it and didn't want to wait until tomorrow to share with you. I'm giving away the link to these fun little doodles for free to use however you want. The only thing I ask is... you please post a link to your layout here? I'd love to see how you use these! :D

Stay tuned... I bet I have more for you tomorrow! :D

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