Thursday, July 26, 2012

Products we LOVE - Anything marked 70% OFF!

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Before you roll your eyes and slap a label on me that reads
"Poster Child for American Consumer Marketing Schemes"...
let me share with you my 7 minuet planning process I had as I drove
to the local participating Target stores....

(the conversation I had with myself... yes... out loud.And when I talk to myself... it's a multi-party conversation...)

Minuet One: Ok... let's get a game plan in action... because... we know that we have an impulse buying habit don't we... yes... ok... so whats the plan?

Minuet Two: We were just complaining at our massive garage sale how our house is over ruled by toys... and that we kick ourselves when the boy plays with an empty box and not the toy we spent too much money on... right? Right... so... is this really something we should be doing?

Minuet Three: We really like to try and purchase one nice toy at Christmas for all the kiddos in our family... and that usually adds stress in November... time and budget, this could be helpful.

Minuet Four: So, it looks like the plan is, to shop for ONE nice toy for each child in the family and the goal is to try and get each toy at 70% off. Sounds like a reasonable plan of action...

Minuet Five: I hope we didn't miss the boat... sounds like the store was already hit this morning by moms... should we be putting our game face on? Nah... we are not of a competitive nature... if we find something... great... if we don't... that's fine too...

Minuets Six & Seven: (did a little happy dance in the car... because... really... this is fun!)

The rumor was true... there were MANY toys marked down to 70% off. There were NO signs posted at all.. there wasn't ONE isle that had all the deals... they were mixed through out all the toys and on every isle. The cool part was... I was a late starter, so, there were only a couple of people there hunting like me. And I had pleasant conversations with EACH lady and we shared the joy of being able to save some money. Sure... there were a lot of empty shelf space that proved there were MANY there before us... but... I felt a little at ease because this helped me narrow down my choices... I wasn't torn on what I should get and I wasn't tempted to get EVERYTHING!

I was able to pick out one really nice toy for each child in our family (6) and I picked up a couple of stocking stuffers for my son and a really neat new scrabble flash game for my Grandma (who is still a child at heart and loves board games! This will be a fun game they can travel with in their camper every year!) I made sure I thought each item through and if that person would really enjoy the gift. And I'm excited about each one! :D

I'm not going to share the photos or items in detail, as, that part doesn't matter... it's the idea that I was able to save money, get a quality product that I otherwise couldn't afford to do... and it was a fun challenge.

What I would've spent at full price: $237.87 What I spent: $84.57 

The lady behind me in line turned her cart around and headed toward the toys as I was adding up my savings before checking out.... HA!

I wonder if Target will change their mark down schedule in the future.... ;)

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