Monday, July 2, 2012

Reinvent myself?

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One of the questions for Art Journal Caravan 
(week 26! Where did the time go?!?) this week is:

Is it time to reinvent myself?

It's spooky how a little question like that can makes my eyes pop... I've been thinking along those lines for some time now... maybe not those words exactly... but... that I need some change. It's a little TOO deep to share, so, I decided to go material, outer appearence on this one and list some things that were goofy and fun. Trying to make light on a troublesome idea. Happy Monday!

Products used: Tangie Baxter - Love "The Doctor"

 Journaling reads:

Is it time to reinvent myself?
If so, what would I change?
I’d love to wear goggles every day
and sport a shaggier mane.

maybe I would wear more gloss
and cover my entire face
I could sparkle everywhere I go
and I would shine in every place.

maybe I’ll change something within
with my heart, I’ll come to grips...
or maybe I’ll change nothing at all
just put some color on my lips.


  1. Love it girl! You made me smile and I needed that today. Great art and great writing with that art. Very cool.