Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Scent of KANSAS!

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Today is the big day! Better Homes and Gardens® State Fragrance Contest begins and I have been chosen to represent the state of KANSAS! I’ve always been a huge fan of good smelling candles and oils, so, when I was asked to create a unique smell that would represent my beautiful state, I couldn’t wait to get started!

Here are the things I love most about Better Homes andGardens® Wax warmers and cubes:

They are super affordable
Only $15 for a BEAUTIFUL warmer (lots of styles to choose from!)
 and only $2 for a container of 6 cubes (MANY scents to choose from!)
Reuse and Recycle
If you want to change up a smell, just pour your melted wax back into
one of the cube containers and let it harden back up. Reuse it again and again!
Create a unique smell that is all your own!
This is the most attractive thing about these!
 I can mix and match smells to create a unique smell for
our home that is all our own!
You can get them at Walmart
You don’t have to drive to a specialty store
to stock up on supplies. (big bonus for me!)

This is the warmer I chose. It's so pretty in my kitchen!
not all scents displayed here... there are several more!
 Once I had all the different scents spread out in front of me, it was time to mix and match them to create the smell for Kansas. I closed my eyes and pictured all the wonderful things that made up my beautiful home… the big blue skies, the rolling plains, the hard-working farmers, the friendly small towns, our Native American history, the Flint Hills and wild prairies, I could go on and on.

I could have offered Better Homes and Gardens® hundreds of unique smells that would capture the wonderful things about Kansas, but I could only provide one. Here it is, along with the recipe!

This event pulls everything so wonderful about Kansas together...
our farmers, our arts, our music, our families, and just the overall joy of the simple things in life. 

The Recipe  
(I cut ½ cube of each and put them in the warmer together)

 Baked Apple Strudel 
for all the WONDERFUL home-made food you can find at our county and state fairs!
 (Probably the number one reason to go... to eat!! ) 

Enchanted Evening Walk 
 The local county fairs are so magical each and every summer. 
You can feel your heart skip a beat when you see the Farris wheel being set up. 
From the rodeos to the 4-H displays, from the games and rides, and to the food.... 
bed times are skipped when the fair is in town.   

Vanilla Carmel Spice & Cinnamon Spice 
Summer time is Harvest time in Kansas and you can't help but smell
the aroma of cut crop in the air. We loved the views of  the farmers burning their 
fields while driving home from the fair. I LOVED the spicy smells and the 
lines of glowing red fire in the distance.
So, what do you think? Did I capture Kansas well? Would you VOTE for me?
and VOTE for your favorite state smell! (pick KANSAS! pick KANSAS! lol) 

If my scent wins, I will win 10, $25 gift cards to give to my readers.. THAT'S YOU! 
10 randomly selected voters will also be chosen to win a Wax Warmer and a 6-pack of Wax Cubes!

Did I mention that if I win... I will get to go to Better Homes and Gardens® headquarters!? I can't even imagine how cool that would be!!! But, really, I'm already a winner by being able to represent my wonderful home, Kansas.

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