Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursdays are SWEET...

Pin It Whew... on day two of my new scrapping and blogging schedule. It's really pushing me to focus on the task at hand! :) Let's hope I make it to day three and then on to day four! lol.

Thursdays are saved for Sweet Shoppe Designs. I struggled a little on what I was going to pick from July's Pinterest challenges... I went to grab another cup of coffee and came back for a fresh look. Still... no idea... I then ventured onto their blog and saw a bonus challenge! This looked interesting... and Walla... I knew exactly what I wanted to do! Love it when that happens! :D

This layout will also go in my son's mini summer album. It will be fun to look back and remember his best pals... hopefully they will all be life long pals.. we love them all. :)

I pulled several fun ideas that I've been compiling and included them in this layout:

1. I was inspired by the challenge to create a layout using “Superlatives” for family members or friends.

2. I was inspired by this example layout... I love how Lynnette cut the circles out of the top paper to reveal another paper pattern behind. cute.

Layout by Lynnette

 3. I then browsed through Sketchy Thursday Photostream on flickr for an idea on how I would group the photos... I thought this sketch was a great start, as, I wanted to do the circle idea above.

Sketchy Thursdays - #21110

4. And of course I HAD to do my cut-out photo with doodling. ;) This is one of my favorites 
of him so far this summer... LOVING that smile.

And I think they all came together quite nicely!

I have to say.... I'm pretty excited for tomorrow... It's a Free day Friday for me and I have some fun ideas in mind! :D Maybe a doodle giveaway? I dunno... you'll have to come back tomorrow and see! :D

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