Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vision Board

Pin It Super excited about our vision board, now hanging (almost) blank in our kitchen... oh the possibilities!

I was inspired today to create this pinning board by one question...

"What is your vision for you life?"

I think all my pinterest boards went flashing through my head... lol... I was silent for a moment as art room ideas, trips to Italy, pictures of little girls in pink dresses were flipping like a deck of cards in my mind and suddenly... they all went up in the air when I was hit with this question... "have you shared these with your husband?"...... well.... he isn't on pinerest... so... I guess.... not? (sigh)

As I went through the rest of my day, this conversation continued to tug at my heart. When you are with another human being this long... we just expect for them to KNOW what we want... I mean... He knows what I eat, where I sleep (and that I apparenlty snore?), he has seen my best side, my worst side (so far), he should know my hopes and dreams... right? maybe not... and what I THINK he wants for our life... is that what he really hopes and dreams of? Hmmmm.....

So, something had to be done. I know our, few and far between, date nights will not consist of drooling over Pinterest as we sip on white wine... (although... that sounds like fun...). And, I've noticed that my hoarding habits have spilled over onto my Pinterest boards.... I think my darling husband might actually have a heart attack if I presented my hopes and dreams as my current collection...

No, we needed something that we would actually HAVE to take the time to print it off and physically PIN it on a board... and in a place where we will see it EVERY day. And I had just the space to do it. So, I recycled a cork board, grabbed my yardstick and my sharpie and got to work. And, in 10 minuets, we had our VISION BOARD! I decided to start it off by pinning something from the beginning (an original photo booth strip... taken 11 years ago... ) and a vision we have already achieved, our son. The thumb tacks are all lined up along the edge... just waiting to be used... I can't wait to watch it fill up and the surprises along the way. Let's pray there are more common visions than not. :)


  1. I love this idea, I have been thinking of doing a vision board recently - my hubby is not going to do the pinterest either lol. I notice Ikea sells a Magnetic board, I have been going to get one for current pictures of our granddaughter (they grow so fast) but another for a vision board - some vinyl and pictures would work great.

  2. Rebecca - What I would give to have an IKEA in Kansas... A magnetic board would be great! I just had to use what I had in the house already. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :D -Momma Harvey