Monday, August 13, 2012

Bucket List: Be Brave

Pin It So, I've been slowly working on collecting the photos for Wyatt's 2012 Summer Bucket List book. If you remember, I started by designing the cover. You can see it here. The Lily Pad gals created a WONDERFUL kit that is themed around summer and a bucket list. Sure makes it easy and fun to find just the right pieces I need to finish a layout! :)

One of the things on Wy's bucket list this summer, is, to ride his motorcycle. Not just SIT on it, but, push the red pedal down and go! He has had this bike since last Christmas and just can't muster up enough courage to make it go! But, I know as soon as he dose, he will LOVE it and we'll have a hard time getting him off! Until then, we cheer him on and encourage him to BE BRAVE!

Here are the photos I took and the layout I created from extracting the photo and hand doodling!

Were your kids ever afraid of something that, to you, seemed silly? Maybe you knew they would LOVE it once they just tried it?!? Leave a comment and tell me your story! :D


  1. My daughter was terrified of the slide. Now she's like Evil Kanevil...which scares her Momma from time to time! She'll go face 1st, on her stomach, side...Let's just say she's not afraid anymore :)

    I adore his bike btw...where on earth did you find such a gem?! IF I ever have a boy, this is on my list.

  2. Thanks for the story Mrs Crafty! ;) I bought it on Zulily... they were only $75!!! no cost for shipping! :)

  3. Loving this layout! So fun. Had to check out your blog after last night's bacon class :)