Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friendship Day

Pin It Did you know that today is Friendship day? Well, I'm usually on top of these special days, but, this month has already started with a crazy busy beginning and I'm afraid this day, to pay tribute to those near and dear, slipped right past me! So, This post is dedicated to a very special gal... my dear friend Amy.

An unlikely friendship... we probably never would've given each other a chance if we hadn't been shoved into a kitchen to make dinner together...alone. LOL. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was standing at my sink shucking corn when she came in the back door and smiled. "hi"

There is something to be said about preparing a meal together... the awkwardness fades away quickly with the tasks at hand, and, before you know it... you're pouring glasses of wine and laughing together. Well, that's how it went with us anyway.

Since then, we've had some awesome moments together. From scrolling through pintrest to decide how she was going to cut her hair, to open heart discussions where all the walls came down. We've tackled birthday parties decorations together, a massive garage sale (if you saw two girls on a street in Newton, one girl on the other's shoulders... stapling a sales sign on a light post...yeah... that was us...) I've cried on her shoulder and she has cried on mine.

We shared each others joy in the birth of our kiddos (9 months apart) and we've turned to each other in times of frustration. We can go for a couple of months of not hanging out and we can meet up in parking lots for 10 minuets just to catch up and share a quick hug before going to our destinations.

She is the friend I always wanted in my adult life and I know we will continue to be friends for many many years to come. I love ya Amy girl. xoxo - Les

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