Saturday, August 4, 2012

Home Cooking : Herbed Turkey Breast

Pin It One of my major goals for 2013 is to start cooking more meals at home. And not just prepackaged meals in the freezer isles or boxed meals that have the word "helper" in the title, but, from scratch home cooking. I began the year by searching for menu ideas, digging into our recipe books, and trying to make a menu plan and grocery shopping schedule. What I've found... preparing and planning this is A LOT OF WORK! So much so, I gave up quickly. I didn't want to spend my entire Saturday finding meal menus and typing up grocery lists.

I stumbled upon a website the other day that seemed to have the solutions to all these issues! The sample menus had my mouth watering!

Mesa de Vida is a fairly new company started by Chef Kirsten, another talented Mom with a dream to do great things. You can read her full story here. (it's a great one and VERY inspiring!).

By signing up for a membership we will receive:
  • Weekly Menu plan (in PDF form) for 5 dinners, plus a bonus healthy dessert recipe delivered to your email box every Friday at 7:00am- go shopping over the weekend in half the time and be ready for the week ahead!
  • Detailed grocery list, simply formatted for printing, with only what you need for the week – no more throwing away money on groceries that go in the trash!
  • Easy to follow recipes – also simply formatted if you want to print, that are fresh, affordable and include items you can find in most grocery stores
  • Every month you subscribe you get new amazing recipes that you can reference again and again, saved right on your computer!

A membership only cost $9.95 every 4 weeks (1 month).  That works about to be about $2.50 each week for healthy menus, a complete shopping list (organized by store department!), and a print out planner to help you keep everything organized. SO WORTH IT!

There are several different menu membership options,
Gluten Free Menus, Healthy Family Menus (This is the one we are doing!), a 30 Day Slim down Plan, Metabolic Meal Plans, and more!

Our first 5 day menu plan arrived in my inbox on Friday! I was so excited to use the pre-made grocery list to pick up or supplies for the week. It was so nice to be shopping for fresh produce instead of boxed or canned meals. Our grocery bill was the same as it usually is for a week of groceries, but, I know for sure that we won't be running back to the store to pick up an alternative meal. And I'm excited to take left-overs to work and not run to a fast food place on my lunch break!

Our first meal for the week: 
Herbed Turkey Breast, Butternut Squash and Carrots, a Side Salad, and whole grain rolls. This menu serves 4-6 (so I will have leftovers) in addition to the left overs, there will be extra turkey leftover for the day 3 recipe! This is a slow cooker meal, so, I was able to get up early this morning and put the meal together in the crock pot. It took me roughly 20 minuets (including stopping to tend to my son a couple of times).

 I can already smell the goodness!

I minced Garlic for the first time! bought fresh and not in a jar!

Wish you could smell this picture! :D

I'm excited to try this tonight for dinner and really looking forward to the menus for the rest of the week!
I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

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