Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Products we Love: Great Skin... Then and Now!

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Growing up, this Proactiv arsenal lived in our bathroom cabinet. I remember discovering this for the first time as a teen and was SUPER excited to have a clear face! And it worked like a charm. I used this stuff all through college... I was just as excited to get a box in the mail of Proactive as I was to get a care package from mom.

Now, as an adult, the days of major brake outs are over. I have blemishes pop up every now and again when I'm stressed, not eating healthy, or when I sit with my hand on my chin at my computer (do you do this too?) But I no longer have to rely on the Proactive solution to stay clean and clear.

BUT, what are the skin issues I now face as an adult and what should I be looking forward to (or dreading) in the future? Sun spots? Wrinkles? Bags under my eyes? Oh no... I think I'd rather have pimples... at least I could manage those! lol.

Well, I've been envious of a friend of mine for years... She wears little to NO make up and always has a glow to her smooth skin. I will admit that I've used Cover Girl liquid foundation for years (it's what my Mother uses) and what I'm finding is, I have large pores and black heads. No matter how hard I scrub my face or steam... I just can't get that smooth complexion. (sigh) I've tried every microderm product you can find in the store.. even a battery operated facial scrubber... nothing is working. Will I have to cover up my skin with thick foundation forever? I sure hope not.

Yesterday, a new friend of mine mailed me a sample of a new product by Rodan+Fields Dermatologists (the makers of Proactiv Solutions). The sample packet included:

This stuff goes on dry and it's super thick! When they say beauty is painful... well... let's just say that I could actually FEEL this stuff! So, I know it was working as I rubbed it on my face.

So, I'm all about packaging and these little capsules are fun. lol. Anyway, the blue one goes on after you scrub your face with the Dermabrasion paste. It felt SO smooth! I actually ran into the kitchen as I rubbed it in and MADE my husband FEEL my face! lol "It's SO SMOOTH!"

The silver capsule is for your lips. It goes on just as smooth and feels SO GOOD! 

Needless to say.. I'm SOLD on this stuff! I wish I had more to use tonight!
I believe I found my tools needed to carry out my "No Makeup" plan, but, if I do find myself in a situation that I might need some cover-up... they have a solution for that too!

I'm excited to check out more product from  Rodan+Fields. They saved my face as a teenager, and it looks like they will save my face as an adult. :)

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  1. I have been looking for a face smoother myself. I always seem to have rough patches, and I'm not sure why. I drink a ton of water! Let me know how this continues to work for you. I'm interested!!