Friday, August 3, 2012

Products we Love: Kitty Caps

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Little Miss Hunny
So, I did the unspeakable and picked up a kitten the other day, despite my husband's concerns with our furniture, cat hair, and his overall disgust with litter boxes... Here is why I brought her home:
  1. I LOVE cats. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs too... we have three of them (outdoors). But there is something about a cat, basking in the sunlight on the kitchen floor, that makes a home complete.
  2. I read an article the other day that talked about the importance of having a family pet, indoors, while raising children. Good for learning, health, and social development. Read the full article here.
  3. August is "Name your own price" for kittens at our local Humane Society. Typically, kittens can cost anywhere from $75 - $100. When adopting an animal from our Humane Society, the following steps have already been made: Vaccinations, Spayed/Neutered, Wellness Check, Micro-chip. Visit their site for more info!

Now it was time to look at the other issues that my husband was concerned with. I wanted to make sure everyone loved our new family member... not just me.

I decided to look at the claws issue.The first and obvious option would be to have her declawed. I decided to do a Google search on what this would mean for our new kitten and found this article. I already had an uneasy feeling about putting our little miss through a manipulating surgery that would only benefit our material items... but, once I read this article, I knew for sure, I wouldn't put her through it. So, what was option B? Was there an option B? Yes...

Kitty Caps!
Kitty Caps for Cats provides a safe and human alternative to surgical declawing and help prevent damage to furniture caused by your pet's natural desire to scratch. Kitty Caps are made from a safe and nontoxic natural vinyl resin. They are durable and easy to apply. After application, you pet's claws can extend and retract without any disturbance. Kitty Caps will fall off as you cats nails grow and shed generally 4-8 weeks after application.

I decided to give them a try. Here's how it went: 

wrapping her in a towel
  Step one:

After reading the instructions... I knew that I better have ALL my supplies set out and ready to go... I had NO idea how little miss was going to take this... I also decided that I would wrap her in a flower-sack towel (tie-dyed of course) to hopefully keep her calm and contained (and to protect myself from her back claws!)

trimming her razor blade nails
Step two:

Using clippers designed for cats, I trimmed the tips off her claws. No wonder these little things do damage! They are SHARP!
I made sure to read the instructions for this step a couple of times... I didn't want to cut into the wick of her nail, causing bleeding and damage. She sat so still and did so well! Maybe the towel really helped?

add the glue

Step three:

The next step was to insert some glue into the nail cap. This stuff is exactly like press-on nail glue, so, I had to make sure not to get it on my fingers or little miss's fur. The kit provided a handy-dandy applicator tip that made it easy to do... even while I held the kitten. Going great so far.

apply the cap

 Step four:

Time to apply the cap! this was super easy. I just pressed on the center of her paw so the nail would stick out. I was sure not to get any fur inside the cap as I fit it on. They fit on perfect after her nail was trimmed. I was a little taken back by how calm she was... I figured she would be biting me at this point... Nope... she purred the whole time.

wait 5 minuets

Step five:

After all the caps are applied, the instructions said to wait five minuets before letting the cat "loose". I suppose this is time to let the glue dry. I used this time to praise her and pet her for doing such a great job! GOOD KITTY!

Cat's Review:

Once I let her down.. she checked out her paws... she licked them and nibbled a bit at the caps. But, another 5 minuets later, she was off playing again. She was super calm during the process of applying them and never twitched or seemed like she was in any type of pain. She continued to jump on things and kneed her paws after the caps were on, so, they didn't seem to bother her at all.

Momma's Review :

 Kitty Caps seem to be a great solution and the best alternative for surgery. They came in bright colors or clear and in different sizes for different stages. They last 4-8 weeks before you have to replace them. And... they are kind-of cute! lol. As I set out the product to take a picture, little miss came over and curled up on the towel. I guess she wasn't traumatized and looks to be a supporter of kitty caps too!

My next Kitten project will be finding ways to reduce the loose cat hair in the house. Wish me luck.

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