Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Scent of Kansas - Convenience

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The Better Homes and Gardens® State Fragrance Contest is in full swing and the excitement continues to grow! Read the first post about the contest and get the recipe for the scent of Kansas - COUNTY FAIR here.

I wanted to share a little more about the benefits of Better Homes and Gardens®
Wax warmers and cubes! I love this product! Not only do I LOVE the new scent I was able to create for their contest... the smell has now been adopted by many friends and family members! I also love the convenience of the wax cubes verses candles or bulb scents. The price for a package of cubes is only $2. Compared to a high-end candle ($15-$30) or a plug-bulb ($6.50 each), the cubes are already saving me money.

Last fall, I decided to put a scented bulb plug in every room of my house, my living room had two double plugs (taking two bulbs each). I loved the smells, but, it cost me a small fortune and each bulb only lasted a month. I also learned that the plugs only lasted 3-6 months before they burnt out and had to be replaced ($8.50 each). This became too much to try and keep up with.

Now that I have the Better Homes and Gardens®
wax cubes, I am able to do away with the bulbs and plugs! One wax warmer is enough for the whole house! I can smell the COUNTY FAIR scent in every room!  And the amount of space I save in my storage cabinet has me SUPER excited! Just look! I use the bottom shelf in my corner storage cabinet for all my seasonal candles and bulb plugs...

Now that I'll be using the Better Homes and Gardens® wax cubes exclusively, 
I have more room to store fun things!

 Or I guess it could be a new hiding place for a small boy. LOL.

Don't forget to check out the COUNTY FAIR scent recipe and vote for Kansas!

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  1. Makes a great hiding place! :)

    I agree on the bulbs...Tell Better Homes and Gardens® they need the small warmer outlet versions to go in bathrooms, and small spaces. I'm telling you, they'd be a hit!!