Monday, October 8, 2012

Blog Business - Grab my button

Pin It I remember back in the day, when little round 1 inch buttons were SO popular to wear... I had them on my backpack, on my tennis shoes, and on my purple suspenders (yes... I grew up in the 80s). It was SO fun to collect them and show them off! They told people that I was in love with Kittens, rainbows, unicorns, and Joey from NKOTB. As an adult, I still love buttons and showing off the things I love. No, I don't wear purple suspenders, but, I do have a beautiful collections of buttons on my blog! :) And, I have my own button that people can grab and show off too! And... I will now show you how you can create your own button! Ready?!? let's do this! First, you need a square graphic. I designed mine in photoshop. If you don't have photoshop, you can use to create your button graphic. I'll show you how.

Go to click on the button, "Edit a Photo"... Yes... the other FUN tools on the site are tempting... but... please..focus... you can "play" later. LOL!

I will be making a fun button for Mr. Momma Harvey. (He is gonna love this...)

Ok, once you upload your photo, you can make a few quick edits (or spend all day long playing! lol) before you crop. Here is what I recommend:
  1. Use the Auto Adjust button... it will automatically edit the photo to the best quality. If you don't like it, you can always undo. 
  2. click on the little science beaker icon... this will take you to a library FULL of fun filters. 
  3. once you like the way your photo looks, you will want to crop it. 
I made my photo Black and White. FYI.

Once you click on the crop button, you will see the window below.
  1. From the sizes in the drop down options, choose square.
  2. crop your photo to a square.
  3. click apply. 
Easy Peasy. Now it's time for the FUN part. :)

 Now that the photo is square, it's time to add text to the graphic.
I also wanted to do some grunge look around the edges. You can do that with the textures.

  1. Put on a texture if you want. There are many to choose from! :)
  2. you can use this tool to put on a graphic if you want. I want to make a tag for this button, so, I'm using the paper scraps tool. 2.5 - place your shape or graphic on your layout before adding text.
  3. add your text!
Now it's time to save your file.
  1. Click the Save button.
  2. make sure "Mel" is selected. You do not need a large file size.
  3. Go ahead and set your Dimensions at 150x150
  4. Save photo!

Now, upload your graphic to your flickr account. Once it's uploaded, click on the photo to view it. Now, right click on the photo. You will see this option. Choose to view the photo as it's original size.

Once you see the image as it's original size, right click on the image and click on View Image Info.
A new window will open. You will see a url for the image's Location. Keep this window open.You will want to COPY and paste this url into the HTML code I'll provide below.

Ok. Now it's time to go to your blog. I use blogger, so, that's what I will be showing you. Go to your layout, choose to add a gadget. Add an HTML gadget and copy and paste this coding:

<img src="YOUR FLICKR PHOTO URL HERE" /> <br /> <textarea style="text-align:center" rows="4" cols="22"><a border="0" href="YOUR BLOG URL HERE" target="_blank"><img src="YOUR FLICKR PHOTO URL HERE" /></a></textarea>

Once you have the HTML above in your gadget box, input your urls where I've marked in RED. Be sure NOT to delete anything in black... only replace what's in red. :)

Once you replace the red copy with your urls, you're all set! Done! Presto!
If you complete this tutorial, PLEASE comment below with a link to your blog!  I want to see the buttons you create! THANKS!