Monday, October 1, 2012

Do It Yourself - Window Cling Organizer

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Have you seen these? The fun, seasonal, gel window clings in the stores? I've had my eye on them for a couple of years now and KNEW they would make a fun addition to our Holiday decor. Not to mention, they are fun for little hands. A nice mixture of sticker and jello-like textures, easy to peel, stick, un-peel, squish between fingers, and re-stick. Now that my son is old enough and I am confident these little decals won't end up in his mouth... (lol) I wanted to stock up on them and allow him to decorate the windows every season. First Holiday, Halloween! And I was super excited to see SO MANY options at the stores! And reasonably priced so we could get them all! But... what happens when he wants to mix and match... and what happens when its time to take them down?

Well, I designed my own little system that will work to keep them organized and neat so we can use them for years to come!

Window Clings
3-ring note book
clear plastic page protectors
white card stock (optional)

I wanted to make little sleeves in a notebook style layout... that way... I wouldn't have to try and fit all the pieces back onto the small piece of plastic they came on. I also wanted to keep them all in one place, so, when the times comes to decorate, I can just hand the notebook over to my son and let him loose.

Here's how it works. Take a page protector and cut off the bottom hem. Next, cut off the folded edge. The sheet will now be two pages of plastic that will open like a book... held together with the left edge, with the holes, that goes in the binder.

Open the page protector and you can now stick your clings down, in between the two plastic pages. Once you close the page, the sheets will protect the clings from dirt and from sticking to the next sheet. And there you go! Keeping doing this for each set of clings and you will soon have a binder of organized clings! If you want to easily see each page of clings, you can insert a white sheet of card stock in between each set. I did this so my photos turned out and I may do this for the finished book. I may even write which set goes on each page when it comes time to take them off the windows... we'll see.

This process worked well for my son. Once I had all the clings organized in the binder, I handed it over to him and he started sticking! It was fun to watch him flip through the pages and decide which cling he wanted to use next!

I'm excited to see what they come out with for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I may need more binders to collect them all! 


  1. NICE! We bought ours for the 1st time this year too :) Love your storing system...I have got to remember this one! BTW, where did you get the cute little spiders? LOVE!

  2. Crafty Momma - We got the spiders (in a set with pumpkins) at Walmart! We will need more sets, as, he has moved to decorating just about anything these will stick to INSIDE the house too! I remember that Target had some cute ones too! :)

  3. I was looking online for an easy to do storage option for my window clings and stumbled upon your site. what a great idea, thanks so much!!! off to make myself one now :)

  4. How do you get the window clings to stick back to the original paper???

    1. To the original paper they came on or the sleeves that you created for the album? I throw away the plastic pieces that the clings come on, from the store and the clings then go directly on to my page protector sheets in my binder. When it's time to take them down, they stick in between the page protector sheets. I haven't had a problem with them re-sticking. We've been using the same Halloween and Christmas set now for three years. Let me know if I need to clarify more. Thanks!