Wednesday, October 3, 2012

List List and more Lists - Project Blog Posts

Pin It Ok, so, I will be involved with a blog chain in December. I've partnered up with some talented bloggers and the post line-up gets my blood pumping every time I review the calendar! It's gonna be a FUN month of bloggin' in December!

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I want to be super organized for this project so I don't accidentally drop the ball on my end.. so, I 've decided to start planning (in detail) my posts now, so that I'm not up all night brainstorming the night before my post is supposed to go live! (yes.. I've done last second writing before, and it's not fun)

I've also found that by putting my original thoughts out on a list, it helps me brain storm a little more on them... I can post it up on the wall, and, if I'm taking an online class, or, I see some great quote on Pinterest... I can jot a new idea down in the box for later.

It's also very helpful to start visualizing what the photos should look like in the post too... I know I want a photo of my son making sugar cookies in my cooking post, so, I will probably want to set up a different table in the kitchen so that I can get a great shot of him surrounded in cookie dough, flour, supplies, etc. ... Your photos are just as important as your content... try your best to rock them out!

Here is one of my lists so far for the Blog Chain project. I love that this list was editable in PDF format... So easy to just type in my information! I now have piece of mind, knowing I have my projects and their basic details mapped out... this will keep me excited about the posts and not flustered, trying and throw something together.

 So, how far in advance do you start planning posts?


  1. Oooh, your Dec Blog Chain project sounds fun and exciting. Looking forward to that!

    When I'm in the groove, I do try to plan my posts ahead of time as well. Usually a few days in advance. (If I had a big project like your Dec Blog Chain, I would be planning it out a few weeks ahead of time for sure!) And I have a Blogging section in my Biz Binder to keep track of it all. I really like the level of detail of your list.

    This is a great series Leslie! I'm sure others will find your information valuable and helpful! Thank you. xox jenn

  2. I've recently started making a blog schedule too! Your lists are great. The more planning the easier it is to stay focused! Thanks for the link to List Plan It!