Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lists Lists and more Lists

Pin It As a BUSY person.. (Mom, manager, wife, designer, blogger, artist, friend, freelancer, etc) my to-do list can often overwhelm me and can dominate my life. So much so, that my list of goals and dreams can be quickly shadowed by the tall list of to-dos and I then find myself just "doing" and not "dreaming". Do you ever feel that way?

I've learned that, if I have EVERYTHING organized, I can power through the task list quickly and efficiently and still have time to do some big-idea-dreaming. So how can I get EVERYTHING organized? That idea alone is overwhelming... where can I begin?!? With Lists...

I've found that when I have my to-do's written down in front of me.. they are not so intimidating and you better believe I do a happy dance each and every time I can mark a task COMPLETE! And wouldn't you agree that a nice big sheet of crossed off tasks is almost like an award, mounted to the wall?!?


So, It's time for me to buckle down, make my lists, create my plan-of-actions, and accomplish.

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Step one: Find the right lists... for everything... easier said than done? Not any more!!!! I found an amazing library of lists online... ready to print/download and use! And EVERYTHING is there! In one place! No more time waisted, google searching for the right list or document! Yee Haw! :D

Step two: Pin point the major areas of my life that need organization and time management:
  • FAMILY - My Amazing Husband, and my ray of sunshine, my son.
  • HOME - I feel like my to-do lists at the house could form it's own novel... ugh
  • WORK - Being successful at work means taking on more responsibility and projects.. being organized in this area is a MUST if I want to move up the ladder.
  • BLOG - I'm ready to be proactive here.. no more late nights of throwing posts together for the next day... I want to have a plan of action, everything put together and scheduled so that I can interact with my readers more.
  • MYSELF - Coming Soon... I'm going to have to sift through this mess of craziness to find the lost Leslie... She is in there somewhere...
And would you believe that ListPlanit has organizing tools for each and every one of the categories?!?! Love it.

Step three: Download the lists needed for each category and start organizing/planning. I'm going to start with the blog category, because, I KNOW many of you have been asking about time management and planning for your blogs... let's do it together! :)

Are you ready to get more accomplished? You can join me as I create my lists and get organized! I'll post about each one in the weeks/months/decades to come! Join me in the facebook group and we can talk one-on-one and share tips and tricks too!

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