Thursday, November 15, 2012

Art - Homework

Pin It So, I'm taking an online art class, learning about color with Brenda Pinnick. One of our homework assignments for this week is to take the paper that we created in a previous lesson, and turn it into journal pages. I couldn't get to my sewing machine fast enough! And, this style of work is something I will have to do often, as, I've found a great deal of comfort in ripping up something beautiful that I made, only to sew the pieces back together to makes something even more beautiful. Isn't that how life goes? This sure was a great project for meditation on frustrations, struggles, disappointments (as I was ripping) and then laying the pieces out to form something new... and then the task of running it through the sewing machine to stick it all back together. Wow. Healing. :) I highly recommend it.. even if you don't have a sewing machine... you could always glue or staple. Here is a sample of the two pages I made tonight. They will become journal pages. Can't wait to write down some thoughts on these bad boys! :D

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  1. Leslie, thank you for explaining how and why you feel this is healing. I feel the same way but you said it so much better! These two pieces are so fun and interesting! Thanks for sharing!!