Monday, November 12, 2012

Art - Mixed Media Marry

Pin It I've been saving up all the paper I've been making over the past two months for a big project. I just didn't know exactly what that big project was going to be until I found the amazing nativity scenes online. I fell in love with the Mary and Baby Jesus from the retro/vintage set and decided this was the project I was waiting for. All the wonderful, color paper would be perfect for this. It will take me several weeks to finish this, but, I'm already LOVING how it started and where it's going. :)

First of all, I wanted to do this project on black canvas. And, black canvas is hard to find in different sizes. And when you do find it, it's pretty pricy. While I stood in the canvas isle at the local art supply store, I noticed that one small, black canvas was roughly $18.00 and there were regular white canvases on sale, buy a two pack and get a two-pack free... for the same amount of money... Hmmm... one black canvas, or, four white ones (larger) for the same price... I wonder if there was such a thing as black gesso... And sure enough, in the next isle I found black gesso, courtesy of Bob Ross.

And it worked perfectly. I also decided to coat some mini canvas I had hanging around with the black gesso for another fun chalk project down the road. I found that rolling the gesso on with a foam roller worked the best. And, I ended up putting two coats on for a nice solid black.

As my canvas dried, I studied the image I was going to put on the canvas and started to pick out the paper and pieces i would use for each section of the image.

I drew the image on my canvas with a pencil and started to modge-podge my pieces on the canvas. As you can see, I couldn't wait to add detail until it was done... I started filling in sections with patterns, painting over the modge-podge with white acrylic paint. I will also go back in and add shading for more depth. But, So far... I'm pretty excited about it. And I'm sure Marry would appreciate the elaborate, colorful head scarf over the white one pictured above. Don't you think? Be sure to come back and see more progress in the weeks to come!


  1. This is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  2. Leslie, I absolutely love it - and it's not even done! I'm excited to see more!!!

    1. Wow! a comment from the artist who inspired me! Now, that's accomplishment! Thanks Brenda for taking the time to check out my work and comment! :D


  3. This is gorgeous! I'm sure She would approve. I kind of like the half black gesso look now...can't wait to see the final thing