Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm Thankful - Art Space

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Ok, so, I'm jumping on the band wagon and doing a post each day about something I am thankful for. I think its a great practice... maybe one that we all should do daily and not just in November. Any who, as I had FUN creating art in my studio tonight... I was humbled... I have been complaining lately about not having the art studio I dream of... And what I failed to see is that I really do have an awesome space to create art. Now... you probably won't see it on the cover of a magazine... but... it is was it is... a nice piece of space where I can be artistic. And it should be good enough. Here are 10 things about my art space that I love and hate.

1 - This little card says DREAM BIG. I never realized how small it was until now. Oxymoron? egh.. maybe. It was a card I was given MANY moons ago at a stamping/craft convention. It was so much fun to camp out with a bunch of women, create all day, and then laugh all night long. I love keeping it to remind me of the friendships I've made through art.

2 - This is insulation.

3 - This is dye on my fingers. I really should wear gloves or something... but hey... it will wash off.. in about 4 days.

4 - This is a window that will have blinds on it VERY SOON. I'm sure my neighbors were probably having a GREAT time watching me set the timer on my camera and then run over to be in the picture. I bet they peed their pants laughing when I tripped over the stool... Again... Blinds... VERY SOON.

5 - This is a Better Homes and Garden Magazine. you would think that, with their website, pinterest, and facebook sites... Why in the world would I buy a magazine? Well... have you ever heard of addiction... yes... I MUST have the magazines too... I can't get enough.

6 - This is THE TABLE my dad built for me when I was in High school. I've done MANY MANY works of art on this table and will forever use it and never change it. It's a staple.

7 - This is what I consume when I've already had my 8 cups of coffee for the day.

8 - This is my "Art Shirt". It's big. It's comfy. It's colorful. and the bunny on it is Oswald the Rabbit, Walt Disney's First cartoon character. It reminds me that everyone started somewhere and amazing things can happen after your first, second, or third try. :)

9 - This is a tie dye cloth. Great for spills and such. Plus, it's colorful and pretty, and I made it. :)

10 - This is a space heater, as, there isn't central heating and air up here just yet... so... yeah...

And there you have it. I am thankful for this space.

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