Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Thankful - Internet

Pin It So, on my lunch break yesterday... I walked through the Christmas Isles at Hobby Lobby, looking for the perfect nativity set that I could get for my son. I wanted something that he could put out and even play with during December... unfortunately, I'm super picky and didn't want a cutesie set.. I wanted a realistic scene for him. Oh, sure, they had them... and some BEAUTIFUL ones too, but those sets ranged from $299 to $699.... ouch.... that would basically be my entire Christmas budget this year.

So, I decided to do a quick google search, to see if there was another option... and that's when I found THIS WEBSITE. The Paper Model Kiosk is one AMAZING site! I never would have thought about making a set out of paper/card stock! And they have SO MANY to choose from too! Just look at how beautiful these are! There are many different styles to choose from, download, cut out and assemble yourself! At first, I wanted to get them ALL, but, thought, what a great NEW tradition each year, to make a new mini nativity scene to hang on the tree... Oh, I couldn't have been more excited... until.... I click on the full Nativity Scenes link. WOW... just wow... Full scenes, beautiful, beautiful artwork, in many different styles from all over the world. And... if you think it doesn't get better, check this out... MOST of the full scene downloads are FREE... yes... FREE....

Today... I am SO VERY thankful for the internet.... These little paper nativity scenes will be so much fun putting together with my son and he will be able to play with these, no fear from me of them getting broke. Seriously... these are the coolest Nativity scenes I've ever seen... just look at the pheasant and little ducks!? Perfect. I will post several of the free ones below. Just so you can see just how amazing these are! Download all of them! I DID! :D

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