Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm Thankful - Parents

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This is for day two of things I'm thankful for. I'm SOOOOO very thankful for my amazing parents. Here are only 5 of the million reasons.

1 - Every Friday, they have my son, their grandson, all to themselves. And, even when they have things to do, like, build an AMAZING green house that should be featured in Better Homes and Gardens, they still finds ways they can include him.

2 - Naturally, they love him. Every Grandparent loves their grandchild... but I LOVE how they cherish his unique personality and they encourage him and his ideas. I know that I was "free to be me" growing up and it helped me become the artist I am today... And I see that by watching them love my son.

3 - This is a Newspring Chruch shirt. I am SO thankful that both of my parents are involved in the church community. Not only following Christ in their own lives, but, they both volunteer in the childrens ministry and help and encourage children to do the same.

4 - TA-DAAAA!!!!

5 - I love that he is spoiled rotten. Some may say that this is bad, but, I know that my son will never be limited to learn or held back from being imaginative. I believe this is his "outdoor" set of cars... and his "indoor" set could possibly be larger? LOL.

So, like I said, there are a million MORE reasons why I am thankful for my parents. But, I'll save them for another time. Their relationship and love for my child matters to me the most... and I couldn't ask for more.


  1. This is beautiful, Leslie. I love seeing all their smiling faces. Isn't it amazing how the love between the grands and grandchild is never ending. It's so special!

    Oh...and being spoiled is a great thing!! haha I'll never forget the 1st time my daughters Grandma told me "It's not 'spoiled' it's loved" ;) It kinda hit me like a freight train when she said that, b/c I never saw it that way.

    To this day, I adore when she says that. It makes me feel special and lets me know even more how much my sugar bear is loved.

    I thought you might like that, so I wanted to pass it onto you. :)

    1. Thanks for passing that along... seeing a different perspective sure changes everything when you know it's done in LOVE. :)