Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eco -Christmas Blog Hop

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If you found yourself here from the Eco-Christmas Blog Hop... WELCOME! (hugs) I'm super excited that I was asked to be included in this amazing blog hop! If you know me, you know that I'm all about being green, from homemade laundry detergent, to cloth diapers... and it doesn't stop at Christmas time! Not only is this a green project, it was a budget friendly project too. One of my personal goals for 2013 is to "use what I have" in my stash for creative projects. This can be a challenge, but, a fun one too!

This idea all started when I wanted to participate in December Daily, a scrapbook project where you document every day in December. I really didn't have the budget to go out and purchase new albums or scrapbook paper, so, when I was setting out all my holiday decor items, and found my stash of old greeting cards, I was excited to get started!

Being SUPER busy this year with work, preparing for family visits, rearranging my whole house (dumb idea), and being a contributor for the Holidays Homemade website and blog, I knew that I could easily complete this project because of its size and "thrown together" method. I have more tips and ideas to help you keep this project simple, easy, and completeing it without stress which I'll share in a bit.

Let's talk about being green with this project and "using what we have". After finding my greeting cards, I sorted through them and decided which cards I wanted to use because of the image on the front, which cards I would use because of the message, and which ones would make great scrap pieces for journaling. I then spread out my "stash" and started piecing together my album with my photos. You can read the full tutorial, featured on Holidays Homemade!

Here are some additional, fun, tips and ideas I saved just for you:

Day 1: If you have permanent ink, you can stamp directly on your photos! Quick and easy!
I also found some fun pockets so that I could include journaling cards made from scraps.

Day 2: I also found some fun paper clips and used them to attach scraps.
You can also glue on scraps over the card fronts to create journaling space.

Day 3:  I loved paring photos (even the not so fun ones... my son was sick in this one) with card messages. 

 Day 4: Again, I used the verse that was inside one of the cards.
I also found that by taking a photo of the details, for instance, the craft supplies we used on day four, I didn't have to really journal about it. The photos tell the story by themselves. cool hu?

Day 5: If you make a mistake, it's easy to cover up with the pages being this small! I stamped on the photo, but, it didn't turn out right, so, I just covered it with a scrap piece. You didn't even notice... did you? :)
And, I also wanted to dress up some pages with small scraps of designer paper that I had on hand. Really, the sky is the limit if you have a nice stash. :)

If this still looks time consuming, trust me... it's not. I can honestly say that I spend about 2 minuets each day, putting together the page from the day before. If you decide to wait until after the holidays, this little mini book could easily be completed in an hour.  I have more tips and idea on keeping this project easy and stress free, like I mentioned before, but, I'm saving these tips for the December Daily podcast episode that I will be interviewed on in a few short days!

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 Happy Holidays! - Leslie


  1. I'm not a scrapbooker but this makes me want to start! What paper do you use to print the photos on?

    1. Ana, so glad this inspired you! I printed the photos on kodak photo paper on my home printer! I found that gloss photo paper was great for stamping on! If you don't have a home desk top printer, you can always print the photos at a local drug store. Good luck!

  2. as someone who saves all her greeting cards thank you for such a clever way to use them :)

  3. Dani, oh yeah! You have a good stash to start off with then! Exciting! Hope you share your creations with us! Happy Holidays and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Leslie, I love this cute mini album and all the elements you used to make it so very special! Thanks for the inspiration, too!!

  5. I've never participated in December Daily and with this type of project, I think I can do it. Simple and eco-friendly - I love it! And I must agree, using what you have in your stash is a challenge, but definitely fun and more creative. Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  6. What a great idea!

    Found you via a tut at DST and am so glad I did :) Just signed up for your newsletter.


  7. Hi I found you from the interview with Melissa Shanhun, love this idea AND your pages are very nice. I like this idea for next year.