Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another New Beginning - Welcome 2013!

Pin It Welcome to 2013. Some folks thought we wouldn't even see this day. Some believe we are on the verge of a new awakening... a higher state of being. Me, I'm just thankful for another day, a new day, to start fresh and try again. Resolutions? Well... maybe, but this year, I've decided to drop the "re" portion, and just call them Solutions. Solutions to what didn't work last year. I've narrowed it down to seven areas in my life that are MOST important to me and will focus on those areas ALONE. It's gonna be rough, as, I'm the type of person who sees opportunity in anything and I want to help and participate in everything. I will have to say "No, but thank you" to a lot... and it will be difficult. But saying "yes" to everything has proven to not only be stressful, but, also noneffective.  I can't give 100% to 100 things at one time. I CAN give 100% to seven things though, when they are divided up and scheduled. So, here we go... here are my seven:

1 - My relationship with Christ. Yep, this is number one. It hasn't been in a long time (maybe ever?). This doesn't mean signing up for the volunteer list at church, or, making sure our shirts are pressed before we walk out the door for Sunday service (even though, both of those are wonderful). This means my PERSONAL relationship with my creator. Not a public display of obedience, rather, a private session of reconnecting.

2  - My relationship with my Husband. Somehow, this area had been pushed down on the list to a number I don't wish to share... and I'm sure this happens in every marriage. With work, chores, children, bills, obligations... it's so easy to just assume the other person is still on board and rolling right along with you. But that's NEVER the case. I don't know a single couple that has survived on this type of "Hi, Bye" connection. I can't imagine our life apart and don't care to even fathom it. So, we will be working hard, together, to stay connected and in tune.

3 - Myself. What???? Am I putting myself before my child??? Yes... I struggled with this one too. To be honest, I struggled with #2 & #3 too.. .which goes first? And to be honest, every life  and family is different. I've realized over the years that if I put every one's needs ahead of my own... I'll never take care of myself. And if I don't take care of myself, how can I effectively take care of the ones I love. You've heard the announcement every time you get on an airplane, "put YOUR airbag on first and then assist others". It's so true in every aspect of life. Only, in my situation, I feel that tending to my marriage IS a HUGE service to myself. When my husband and I are on the same page, I feel better and more confident in myself. So, That's why I'm third. So, what am I doing for myself? Well, basically just taking some time to paint my nails, eat healthier, maybe get in better shape, spend quiet time reflecting, blog (because I LOVE it!), journal our life, Girls night out, anything that I love to do for myself that I really didn't take much time doing in 2012.

4 - My Baby boy. Now that my little sweet baby is becoming a little sweet big boy, we have many things to work on from potty training to preparing for preschool... from new ways of creative play, to new, fun art projects and craft ideas. Being a mom who works outside the home at a 9-5 job, I really have to focus on scheduling time for these things on top of housework and commissioned artwork. I want my son to always know that he is so VERY important to me and that I always have time for him when he needs it. By scheduling projects together, several times a week, I know he will learn to look forward to this time together with his Momma and his love bucket will be full.

5 - Budget. I don't want to boast or brag, but, I feel I made HUGE strides in my spending and money management in 2011 and 2012, thanks to great programs and online help, along with patience and understanding from my husband. This year, I want to polish this accomplishment by fine tuning my budget, get away from spending because something is on sale (unless it's something on our list of items NEEDED), and start saving for projects that we've outlined and planned as a family.

6 - Organizing. This is for everything really. When I have an organized schedule, routine, kitchen cabinet... things just run smoothly. So, I plan to make a plan for every aspect of our daily life. I'm starting off with a simple cleaning schedule for the household. I already have it up on the fridge. :) Next, I want to tackle a menu schedule and then move on to a home remodel schedule. Baby steps.

7 - My Creative Business. And once I have 1-6's needs met... I can focus on building my creative business. Right now, I've started with commissioned portraits for family and friends. I hope to move bigger, a little step at a time, create a website, advertise in local places, and eventually take on bigger projects.

I'm pretty excited for this year and hopefully, by narrowing down to 7 main things, I can stay focused and review my list and when another opportunity comes up, and can ask myself... "Dose this help me achieve my goals for my seven?" and I'll confidently be able to say yes or no. :)

SO, did you plan any resolutions? What are your goals for 2013?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. Wish we could chat over a cuppa! I'd pick your brain on budgeting and share some ideas on menu planning :)

    May He guide your steps and bless you in 2013 and beyond.

    1. Thanks Susan! You know... we could always chat via skype over a cuppa any time! Would love to! I could use some ideas on menu planning! :) Happy New Year Dear!