Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Juice Journey 2013 - ?

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In the short amount of time since I first decided that I was going to start this journey, I've had a million and a half questions presented by family, friends, and from people who overheard me talking about it (You know you have an interesting topic when a complete stranger interrupts your conversation, looking for more info!)

Here are the top questions and comments I've received and how I address them...

Keep in-mind... I'm no expert on nutrition... 
I'm learning about all of this as I go! 

Q: Why Juicing?
A: The easiest and quickest way to increase my fruit and veggie intake is by consuming fresh fruit and vegetable juices. There is no way I could eat that many veggies or fruits in one sitting. For one, 16 oz glass of one of our recipes, I put in a whole head of broccoli,  two large carrots, two oranges, one large cucumber, and one apple... whew... can you imagine eating all of that for breakfast?!

Q: Leslie, you don't need to loose weight... 
A: Aw... thanks! But, actually, I could benefit from loosing 10-20 lbs according to my BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI is an estimate of body fat and a good gauge of risk factor for diseases that can occur with body fat, for instance, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and certain cancers.

More importantly... for me, It's not just about loosing weight... 

For years, I've tried every face wash, cream, & ointments around to try and clear up my complexion .. I've always wanted to go with little to no make-up... but never thought I could with my skin. I've also tried so many different styles of hair cuts and dyes on my hair, as, it was always too thin and fine to grow long. I'm SO excited to know that with consuming raw fruits and veggies, this should all change.

Q: Isn't buying fresh, organic fruits and veggies going to be expensive?
 Especially if you need a large amount for one 16oz glass?
A: Sure, switching our groceries over to organic fruits and veggies will change our weekly grocery budget, but, I won't be smoking any longer, I won't be buying sodas or Starbucks every morning, and I won't have a HUGE medical bill in my future. I think it's a fair trade. :)

Q: Why 60 days... that's seems a little extreme?

A: The 60 day fast is my own choice. No one said you have to do two months of juicing to see results.... I could easily go 10 days to improve my health. But, I want BIG change. I have BIG goals and I want to push myself to the max. Not to mention, spring is right around the corner. I want to enjoy this spring and summer with my family, to the fullest, so, I want to feel good and have the energy needed to spend our summer running, swimming, playing, hiking, you name it... we're gonna do it. 

Q: Why don't you just cut your calorie intake instead of doing this?
A: I'm not a numbers person. lol. That seems like a lot of work to document what you eat each and every time you eat, how many calories you have left for the day... whew... My husband was doing that for a while and I will be the first to say, grocery shopping is no fun when you constantly have to read the labels (and most of the time, put the food back on the shelf)... it seemed like a chore...why not just juice? I LOVE shopping for fresh produce and piling it high on our kitchen counters. So colorful, so beautiful, puts a smile on my face every time I see our stock.

Q: So, you're trying to detox your body, what about all the pesticides and other chemicals on/in the produce you are juicing?

A: Yes, we thought about all that too... We will do what we can with what we have. For instance, we will buy at our local farmer's market when we can, and hope to start our own garden this summer. Until then, when we buy produce from our local store, we will do our best to clean them and soak them in a natural solution that will help reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins. You can't 100% escape harmful chemicals, but, you CAN help your body protect it's self from them by being as healthy as humanly possible.

Q: What happens after your 60 days?

A: I will not quit juicing, but, after my fast, I will start to introduce whole fruits and veggies into my diet, along with fish, chicken, and on occasion, a pizza. ;) But, the juices we've made so far have been so fantastic, I can't imagine a better breakfast on the go. 

Q: 60 days is a long time.. 
how will you keep yourself going?
A: Well, I have support from my family (who will also be juicing too). I have a vision board that I've created, to look at and remind myself why I want to do this. And, the sweet smile from my son will remind me that I want him to have the best life possible (don't we ALL want that for our kids?) and I can only show him how to live a healthy life by my own actions. I think that is inspiration overload! :D Feeling super blessed. 

All these questions were great and I was so glad that people were not afraid to ask them. I really had to sit and think about why I wanted to make this lifestyle change, why I WASN'T living this way to begin with, and how I can keep my experience positive so that others can be inspired.... This is just skimming the surface and I'm looking forward to writing more about all of these questions individually in the weeks to come and share with you my progress every step of the way. YEAH!

(Cheers! And here's to HAPPY!) - Les


  1. What juicer machine are you using and do you only drink the juice all day or just breakfast?

    1. Hey Krystal!

      We are using my parent's old juicer right now, just to test it out, but plan on ordering the Breville® Die-Cast Juice Fountain® Elite soon! We are juicing in the morning right now, but, I will be starting my 60 day Juice Fast (only drinking juice for all my meals) on Monday, Feb 4th. :)