Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Juicing Journey - Vision

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I started a vision board on Pinterest. A collection of images that represent what some of my goals are in my Juicing Journey. Obviously, some of these will take more than just drinking juice, but, I'm confident that, once I start feeling better on the inside and have more energy, it won't be hard or overwhelming to try and achieve these. Some words from my boot-camp instructor that I will forever say to myself when working out...

 "You're not going to die..."

and when I'm finished pushing myself to the limit...

"Are you still alive?... Yes...more so now, than before..."


1 - my husband. my son. These two men are really the only goals I need. Everything else is superficial.

2 - Arms. For one period in my life, I had toned arms. They were fab. I LOVED wearing tank tops and tube tops... I miss those days.. and I'll have them again.

3 - Balance, flexability, & posture.
I remember thinking the other day, while on the floor playing with my son... "When did I get old? I can barely touch my toes! This is CRAZY!!!"

4 - Hair. Long hair. long enough to do these amazing hair things I see on Pinterest. LOVE it.

5 - Skinny Jeans. lol. I hated skinny jeans and have gotten so frustrated when shopping for pants... and couldn't find the non-skinny jeans. I only hatted them because I couldn't pull them up past my theighs... soon... I will have them.. in many different colors. 

6 - Hair. LONG hair. oops... I think I already mentioned that? oh well. 

7 - No... I don't want to flaunt around in ripped jeans as short as my under wear... I'm a mother and in my 30's...but.. I want the butt that, if for some reason I did want to wear these bad boys... I could. Fair enough? 

8 - Hair, Long Hair, skirts, legs, heels, and possibly the shades too. ;)

9 - 2014 marks me and my man's 10 year wedding anniversary! (wow...) We are planning a trip to a beach somewhere... and I want to wear a dress like this. It could possibly change when I start to see improvements in my legs... it could go shorter. lol.

10 - Legs. I saw a photo of my highschool days when I played Varsity Soccer. My favorite part in weight lifting was leg lifts. My legs were awesome. So, I know I can get them back there again.

11 -  Just kidding. 

12 - I'd LOVE to want to run again. and not hack up a lung while doing it... this photo just reminds me of the freedom you feel when running full speed... barefoot. ;)

13 - Once I get in shape and can actually hit a punching bag without pain... (lol)... I want to hang one up and teach my son to box. 

So, there you have it... a small glimpse into my vision board thus far. Will be adding to it as the months continue on. I truly believe that you have to SEE yourself IN the place where you want to be... your mind has the power to help you or hurt you. Do you have a vision board for areas of your life?

(Cheers! Here's to HAPPY!) - Les

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