Thursday, January 17, 2013

Share the Love

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 So, just for fun, I designed a fun facebook profile today, letting the ones who see me... know that I love em. Next thing I know, My friend tags me in her newly created profile pic, done in the same style. Love inspiring people. And then reading through the comments on her photo, a see that one of her friends wants to do the same! Sweeet...

Viral or not, lol, just thought I'd share with you how to do this, quickly and easily, just in case you too, want to share the love. :)

Step one, take a photo of yourself flashing an L sign. I opened my photo in Pic Monkey for editing and adding text.

 First things first, be sure to flip your photo by clicking on the rotate button.

Second, use a mixture of the fun filters in Pic Monkeys line up. 
I use several different ones at different levels. Fun stuff. Now it's time to add text.

There are so many different fonts to choose from! 
You can see the settings I used to create my white see-through letters.

Finally, add a fun border... and you're done! Upload to your profile pic and share the love! I also saved mine on my phone so that I could send it through texting as a love note to friends and family from time to time. 

Enjoy! If you decide to do this, Please post a link in the comments to your creation! Would love to see!
(hugs) - Leslie


  1. Great tut! THx.

    Still working on that organization here... Hope your goals are being met in a satisfying way :)


  2. Great idea for Valentines day!