Thursday, April 11, 2013

And so it begins

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Whew. I have to say... it feels SO GOOD to finally have a plan mapped out and started for completing my son's scrapbooks. I am in LOVE with the mini albums by Becky Higgins. Each page holds 2- 4x4 photos and 2 - 3x4 note cards. Just enough space to get creative, but, not overwhelmed at the same time. I went a little crazy on my first page, as, it's the first page for the month of march, so, I guess you could call it the March Title Page. The pages to follow won't have SO many embellishments, but, more journaling and full size photos. :)

Each month, Studio Calico will mail me a small box FULL of Project Life kit goodies! I will use what's inside the box to scrap each month. Easy Peasy.

The beautiful part is, I don't have to roam the isles at a scrapbook store, trying to decide what "theme" or color scheme I want to go with... the hard work is done and packaged in adorable little bags. The kit has everything - note cards, stickers, embellishments, etc. And
each month will contain a varitiy of new items that are trending in the
scrapbook and memory keeping world. Be sure to check out the latest and greates kit by clicking the sneek peek graphic in my side bar. :)

A lot of scrapbookers are using 12 x 12 albums for their project life books. I would personally LOVE to try that, but, feel a little overwhelmed with it. So, I decided to start off with Becky Higgins's Mini Albums. These are the perfect size for my son's books. Small enough for him to set and flip through and carry around.
I began my project by dividing the album into three months. That will give us 4 books for each year. And, by having a set number of pages for each month, I won't end up having 2 pages for one month and 10 for the next month. LOL. it will all be divided evenly and keep my OCD in check.

The next step was to print off all my photos that I took using instagram. Did you know that Walgreen's now has an app for your phone that you can order your instagram photos from? In two minuets, I selected 100 photos, and sent them to the print center at Walgreen's  all from my phone. They were ready to pick up 45 minuets later. I was impressed with the quality of the prints too, not to mention their cute 4x4 size.

Some of the photos will stay 4x4 and some will be cut down to fit the 3x4 slots or to fit in photo frames that came with the kit. So, the next step was to decide what order and where each picture would go. I organized my photos by date and started to slip them in to the pages I had dedicated for March. Instead of doing one page at a time, I found that by using the photos as place holders for the whole month, I would be able to include everything and nothing would get left out. Once the photos were in their spot, the next step was to fill in the holes with items form the kit. Aka - THE FUN PART!

And there you have it! It was pretty quick and easy and I could still get creative. The best part is, I had all my supplies spread out on the living room floor last night as I put together my first page. My son (who was supposed to be sleeping) creeped into the living room to see what I was up to. I was so sure he would tear into my stickers and embellishments like a tornado, but, instead, he ran right to the book, like a magnet and started to touch and feel, flip the pages, and ask questions - "Momma... is this ME? what was I doing?" and the story telling began. Made my heart happy.

To learn more about Studio Calico - Check out their website here
You can learn more about the Project Life method here

Here's to HAPPY! (hugs) - Leslie


  1. Love how bright and colorful your pages are! Looks great!

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