Friday, September 27, 2013

Pinterest Project - DIY Halloween Slime

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I love this time of year. Cool nights, the smell of autumn in the air, flickering candles in the house, the big bowl of candy corn, and the anticipation of another fun Halloween. I feel like a kid again as we discuss the costume my son wants to wear this year. Suddenly, everyone in our family has become a Halloween character who LOVES to chase the littles around the yard. There is Magic all around.

Last year, we decorated with the window clings for the first time, and they have now become a tradition in our family. Thanks to the window cling notebook organizer that I made last year, we were able to reuse the clings this year... and... pick up some new ones too. These little pumpkins and ghosts seem to mysteriously move around the house from window to window... and an occasional mirror. lol.

Now that my son is a year older, we've branched out and created some additional, spooky home decor items. Thanks to pinterst, it was pretty easy to find some projects that were inexpensive, easy, quick to make, and perfect for little hands.

This pinterst project isn't so much a decor item, but, something fun to play with that reminds us of spooky and icky things. ;) When I saw this project, I knew right away that it would become a tradition as well. Who doesn't like ewwey gooey slime???

The recipe is simple, bottles of glue, water, food coloring and borax. easy peasy.

 For each batch of slime (we made three batches), you take two regular size bottles of glue and pour them into a big bowl. This in it'self is fun for little hands.

Then, fill both bottles of glue with warm water and shake them up a little to get the rest of the glue. Dump the water into the bowl.

Next, pick a color of food coloring. We choose orange for the first one. I purchased the gel food coloring at Wally world.

The original recipe said to use half a tube, but, he had it ALL in there before I could set the camera down. lol. Needless to say... our slime was EXTRA orange. This step is fun too, as, the food coloring mixing with the white glue makes some pretty neat designs and effects. We then used a spoon and mixed these ingredients together.

The last step is to mix in the borax. It takes 1 tsp of borax, dissolved in a 1/2 cup of warm water. I did this step myself and then allowed my son to pour the solution into the bowl. Once all the ingredients are in the bowl... you simply stir, stir, stir, stir, and stir some more.

I made a couple of mistakes on the first go-round. We didn't stir long enough... I think we were both too excited to get our hands in it. I also thought I had read on the original instructions that it would be wet... so... you were supposed to pat it dry... (I later discovered that I must of read that on a different DIY post... lol)

So, if it looks like it won't soak up any more water... keep stirring... because... it will. If mixing with a spoon isn't fast enough, you can put your hands in and work it together. I noticed on the second batch that the consistency changed the longer you worked it with your hands. It became less sticky and more smooth. Keep working it. And DON'T... I repeat DON'T use a paper towel to "pat it dry" if you think it's still too wet.... you only get a big mess of slime paper that you can't separate. Needless to say, we lost a good portion of our orange slime due to this mistake. lol. 

Once it's all mixed together, the results are too fun. You have to make it to really understand. If you ever had GAK as a kid... then you know what I mean. the slime stretches, melts, oozes, and conforms to all sorts of fun shapes. Yet, it's not messy and cleans up really easily. After spending a few seconds playing with the orange, we whipped up a green batch and then got creative and made a clear batch with bugs! (for a clear slime, use clear glue instead of white glue)

It was a really FUN project! We are storing the slime in rubbermaid containers, so, hopefully they will last for a while. I've already made a list of other things we can try in the clear slime! Such a fun, inexpensive, and easy DIY project! Hope you make some for your littles! Enjoy!

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