Sunday, October 13, 2013

Project Life - Tribute Book

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Several years ago, I found an awesome scrapbook kit at hobby lobby, called Share Book. The kit was designed for creating a scrapbook for a special occasion, with the idea of including several participants. The kit came with a book, paper and embelshments designed for the occasion (birthday, wedding, congrats, etc) and envelopes that you mailed supplies to each participant to create their own page for the book.

I purchased the kit for my mom's 50th birthday and mailed out the participant envelopes to family and close friends. The idea of a "tribute book" was a hit! So much so, I was asked to do organize more for other family members. Unfortunately, the company that created the kit no longer offered them and I had to get creative.

I was so excited when Becky Higgins started to offer mini albums for Project Life! This was the perfect size of book for Tribute books! And it came just in time, as, I was asked to organize a Tribute Book for my Grandmother's 75th birthday this year.

Everyone was so excited to learn about this new method of scrapbooking! Instead of pre-designed kits, each contributer was able to pick and choose cards that fit their theme for Grandma's pages. And I know that several family members went out and purchased Project Life kits for their own albums after working on this Tribute Book! We all had so much fun!

 So, here is my process for using Project Life kits and a mini album to create a Tribute Book:

I purchased one mini album and divided the pages up so that each participant had a two page spread.

I purchased one full Project Life kit. The "Craft" edition was the perfect fit for Grandma's personality... Colorful, fun, and a little sassy. ;)

I let each participant pick out the cards that they would want to use and asked that they have their cards back to me by a certain date so I could put the book together. I couldn't WAIT to see what everyone would come up with.

The day of Grandma's celebration party came and the book was all put together. Each spread unique and FULL of wonderful memories and photos.

Here are a few photos of the pages.

Everyone was SO excited for her to open the book and read their page. It was the GRAND gift and the highlight of her 75th birthday party. She LOVED it and I know she will treasure it!

So, if you ever have a hard time trying to figure out what to give as a gift, or, you have a big celebrations coming up, think about partnering up with family and friends to create a Tribute Book for a loved one... or even yourself!! :)

I do know that Big Picture Classes will be offering a class on how to do this in November! I'm tempted to take the class myself (even though I've been doing this for 5 years now) just to see if there are additional tips and tricks on organizing these Tribute Books.

As always - CHEERS! and here's to being happy! - Leslie

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