Saturday, December 28, 2013

Project Life - Prepping for 2014

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I can't WAIT to get started on our 2014 scrapbook... even though I need to finish 2013 and my December album. lol. But one thing I have learned from scrapbooking... ALWAYS stay as current as possible. even if you have past projects to finish... never stop documenting what's happening right now. You can always go back and finish things later.

So, I'm preparing myself for 2014. I've decided to do a layout each week. At first, the idea of doing two, 12x12 pages each week freaked me out... but, after thinking it through, and looking at my past methods of scrapbooking... I believe this method will actually be easier and less overwhelming. It will also allow me to document the every day stuff... not just the big moments.

I don't have a crafting room (yet) that will allow me
to leave my scrapbook and supplies out, so, I decided to create a way to have my weekly pages out, in-front of me so that I don't forget to work on them. Instead of having the full book out on a table somewhere, I took two page protectors out of the binder, and hung them on the wall. This way, as stuff happens, I can write it down each evening and slip in photos during the week.

I was trying to figure out a way to hang up my new 2014 calendar on the wall, without using nails and putting holes in my husbands beautiful dry wall... THANK GOD for command strips! I decided to cut some command strips in half, attach them to clothes pins, and hang everything on the wall that way. It WORKS! and it's cute too! I used the Velcro command strips so that I could easily take the clothes pins off if needed.

I also decided that, this year, I really wanted to focus on the pictures and the stories... not so much the craft of scrapbooking. So, instead of trying to embelish every picture with stuff, I decided to make ONE CARD for each week that was loaded with stickers, embelishments, and design fun. Then, the rest of the week, I can just focus on writing on the journal cards and slipping in the photos. With this method, I get the best of both worlds, my need to create and a simple process for getting it done.

I sat down last night and created my title cards for weeks one and two, just to see how long it would take. Within 30 min, I had two beautiful cards created and ready for the weekly layouts. We even started some journaling and created 2014 to-do lists... one for each of us.

With these pages hanging on the wall, my son is able to look at them as we put them together. He has already asked me to read our 2014 lists several times and has asked to have his picture taken with them too. lol. silly boy. 

Crossing my fingers that this method will help me stay on track and also allow my family to be more involved.


  1. Such a great way to keep yourself organized! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your first week title card is GORGEOUS!!! I like that you are simplifying your project to work for you...that's what I had to do too! :)