Sunday, January 12, 2014

Project Life - Week two complete

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Made some changes in my method. Yes... again. lol. Trying to fine tune this project so it stays simple and easy. It's really the only way I'll get it done. Working full time, keeping up with regular chores, spending quality time with my family, creating an amazing childhood for my son, helping my husband create our home from scratch, AND documenting it all???? Simple and easy is good.

So, if you follow my blog, you saw that I was creating weekly cards to go in my album. complete with stickers, layering, embellishments, etc. Key word - WAS. I sat down last night to create week three and was stumped. I just don't have time to be in a creative block when it comes to our album. It has to get done. And honestly, will anyone besides myself really appreciate the cuteness of the weekly title cards? Highly doubt it. My family will be looking at the photos and reading the stories. So, let's focus on those things.

The house has been quiet all morning. My husband is working and my son is enjoying time with my parents. This is the time when the voices in my head are the loudest. They are not competing against background noise like the TV, or the Radio, or our family conversations... This is their time to speak up. and they are loud this morning.

"Leslie... why are you searching for ideas online for this project? Why are you looking up other people's pages? Can't you do this on your own... you ARE a graphic designer and artist for goodness sake..."

"Leslie... why are you stressing out about this! You CHOSE to do this for you and your family... do NOT let this become a burden... it's a gift."

"Leslie... just do it. follow your gut... and get it done."

Needless to say... I'm ready for my boys to come home and drown out these statements. lol. But it's so true. I shouldn't be struggling with this. So, struggle no more.

I designed weekly cards on my computer. simple. no creative block. printed enough to last me the rest of this month. That was easy. printed my photos from the week. simple. Slipped them in the pockets and jotted down a few words on a card. done. Bring on week three.

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