Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Second Story

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The time has come to tell the second story. We purchased our house right before we were married in 2004. Almost 10 years of living in our two story, 100-year-old, barn shaped house, and we are finally remodeling the upstairs. Yes... we have lived in the first story of our home for 10 years, only going upstairs to store Christmas decorations and other childhood items. And it's time... to finish it and live in our whole house.

I wanted to share photos of this project and share this story, as, we did the same thing to the first floor, only, never took photos of all the hard work.

Buying an old house means, you are buying old methods of home building, you are buying the bad decisions of the previous home-owner, and it also means, you are buying GREAT possibilities. I'm so very thankful that my husband and I are different in the way we see things. I'm sure that, while his mind was in the moment, ripping out all the plaster and lath... my dreamy-eye look while I visualize the new space and dance around the empty room singing "this will be SO beautiful! I know what will fit PERFECT here!", has kept him going long after he wanted to give up. His  mind is always in the NOW, and I'm always dreaming of what's to come.

I remember the day we both stood in the tiny kitchen, in the rental house across the street... watching potential buyers peek in the windows of this blue barn house. It was for sale, but, in our minds, it was already our home. We only had to hold our breath until the contract went through... it was the next step in our lives... home owners.

When it was officially ours... and the hard work begun. I wish I had the photos of the before... my amazing husband gutted the first floor. You could see the back wall of the house from the front door. All the walls, ceiling, and flooring was removed...down to the bare bones. Sheet rock was then installed along with new appliences, and carpet. I remember sprawling out in the middle of the living room, relishing the smell of new paint and soaking in the soft, new carpet. A new beginning.

After the wedding, clothes, dishes, furniture, and our lives were moved in... always keeping in mind, that, when the time came, we had a 2nd story to expand to. Almost 10 years later, a child later, many many beautiful memories on the first floor later, we're ready for the second story.

I can't tell you how excited I am to eventually have double the house. more space. spread out. And I can't begin to tell you the dreams and ideas I have for this second story. We learned so many lessons the first time around... NEVER buy white carpet. Burnt Orange is ok for wedding colors but NOT for the wall color in your entire kitchen. WD40 will take crayon and marker off walls. And... PINTEREST. really, I can't believe we made it this far without pinterest.

And here we are. A lot of hard work started. LOTS of dreaming going on. and SO many more memories to be had in this second story. I feel so blessed that I get to tell it.

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