Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Second Story - Progress

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It's amazing. The contrast in the weather these past several days. This time last week, we were dealing with several inches of snow. Today, we have 60 degree warmth and all our windows are open. And my wonderful husband is taking full advantage. Working away on our second story.  Even as I type this... I can hear pounding and demolition right above my head.

We spent an evening last week, talking about each room and mentally drawing up plans of what will become our own private oasis. The Master Suite. Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

We will also be able to move our son's room upstairs as well. Giving him 1/3rd of the second story. I think I'm just as excited for his room as I am for my own.

As I dream away, narrow down my pins on pinterest and google search the perfect wall colors and flooring, the demolition continues. I think I have the best part of the project. 

As the preparations begin, I thought I would share some of my ideas for each area. And, since he is tearing out all the lath and plaster in our bed room today, I'll share some of the pins I saved for that space. I learned so many things from other bloggers, thanks to pinterest. I would've saved us so much headache and grief on the first floor if only I could've had access to all this great information.  Tips, Tricks, Do's and Don'ts.

One thing I'm MOST excited about in our bedroom is, NO MORE DRESSERS. We are still using the dressers that came with my baby crib when I was born. lol. I have to say, furniatre was made REALLY WELL back in the 80s... These dressers have been troopers. But, it's time to retire them (Or turn them into something else??? We'll see...) The only thing that will be in our bedroom is our bed, a bench at the end, obviously photos hanging on the wall, and possibly a couple lamps. No more moving odd sized dressers from wall to wall, trying to find the right layout. More on where our clothes will go later.

I know it's hard to picture, when it's in this stage, so, here are a couple photos of what I'm imagining thus far. Obviously, we will make it out own, mix and matching things we both like. :)

I am in LOVE with this blue wall color. Not to mention the blue AND the white board and baton along the bottom. No need for a dresser, but, I'll take the big mirror in the corner too! Oh, and might as well throw in that awesome blue dress on the door too.
I love the bed side lamps in our current bed room, but, with windows being on either side of our bed in our new room, (yeah!!!) I love this idea of mounting a lamp to the wall. This will do nicely.

So, there is a couple of sneak peeks of what I'm thinking. I just can't wait.

Project Life - Week two complete

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Made some changes in my method. Yes... again. lol. Trying to fine tune this project so it stays simple and easy. It's really the only way I'll get it done. Working full time, keeping up with regular chores, spending quality time with my family, creating an amazing childhood for my son, helping my husband create our home from scratch, AND documenting it all???? Simple and easy is good.

So, if you follow my blog, you saw that I was creating weekly cards to go in my album. complete with stickers, layering, embellishments, etc. Key word - WAS. I sat down last night to create week three and was stumped. I just don't have time to be in a creative block when it comes to our album. It has to get done. And honestly, will anyone besides myself really appreciate the cuteness of the weekly title cards? Highly doubt it. My family will be looking at the photos and reading the stories. So, let's focus on those things.

The house has been quiet all morning. My husband is working and my son is enjoying time with my parents. This is the time when the voices in my head are the loudest. They are not competing against background noise like the TV, or the Radio, or our family conversations... This is their time to speak up. and they are loud this morning.

"Leslie... why are you searching for ideas online for this project? Why are you looking up other people's pages? Can't you do this on your own... you ARE a graphic designer and artist for goodness sake..."

"Leslie... why are you stressing out about this! You CHOSE to do this for you and your family... do NOT let this become a burden... it's a gift."

"Leslie... just do it. follow your gut... and get it done."

Needless to say... I'm ready for my boys to come home and drown out these statements. lol. But it's so true. I shouldn't be struggling with this. So, struggle no more.

I designed weekly cards on my computer. simple. no creative block. printed enough to last me the rest of this month. That was easy. printed my photos from the week. simple. Slipped them in the pockets and jotted down a few words on a card. done. Bring on week three.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Second Story

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The time has come to tell the second story. We purchased our house right before we were married in 2004. Almost 10 years of living in our two story, 100-year-old, barn shaped house, and we are finally remodeling the upstairs. Yes... we have lived in the first story of our home for 10 years, only going upstairs to store Christmas decorations and other childhood items. And it's time... to finish it and live in our whole house.

I wanted to share photos of this project and share this story, as, we did the same thing to the first floor, only, never took photos of all the hard work.

Buying an old house means, you are buying old methods of home building, you are buying the bad decisions of the previous home-owner, and it also means, you are buying GREAT possibilities. I'm so very thankful that my husband and I are different in the way we see things. I'm sure that, while his mind was in the moment, ripping out all the plaster and lath... my dreamy-eye look while I visualize the new space and dance around the empty room singing "this will be SO beautiful! I know what will fit PERFECT here!", has kept him going long after he wanted to give up. His  mind is always in the NOW, and I'm always dreaming of what's to come.

I remember the day we both stood in the tiny kitchen, in the rental house across the street... watching potential buyers peek in the windows of this blue barn house. It was for sale, but, in our minds, it was already our home. We only had to hold our breath until the contract went through... it was the next step in our lives... home owners.

When it was officially ours... and the hard work begun. I wish I had the photos of the before... my amazing husband gutted the first floor. You could see the back wall of the house from the front door. All the walls, ceiling, and flooring was removed...down to the bare bones. Sheet rock was then installed along with new appliences, and carpet. I remember sprawling out in the middle of the living room, relishing the smell of new paint and soaking in the soft, new carpet. A new beginning.

After the wedding, clothes, dishes, furniture, and our lives were moved in... always keeping in mind, that, when the time came, we had a 2nd story to expand to. Almost 10 years later, a child later, many many beautiful memories on the first floor later, we're ready for the second story.

I can't tell you how excited I am to eventually have double the house. more space. spread out. And I can't begin to tell you the dreams and ideas I have for this second story. We learned so many lessons the first time around... NEVER buy white carpet. Burnt Orange is ok for wedding colors but NOT for the wall color in your entire kitchen. WD40 will take crayon and marker off walls. And... PINTEREST. really, I can't believe we made it this far without pinterest.

And here we are. A lot of hard work started. LOTS of dreaming going on. and SO many more memories to be had in this second story. I feel so blessed that I get to tell it.

Project Life - Week One

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I know I already blogged about hanging my scrapbook pages up on the wall during the week... but I just can't get over how much easier it has made it complete a weekly spread! I just LOVE having my pages in front of me all week long and slipping in stuff as it happens.

I decided to start simple. Make one crafty title card for each week and slip in photos and a couple of journaling cards. It worked out perfect to scrapbook during a busy week. I have an awesome little stamp set from Studio Calico that includes mini weekday name stamps. Perfect for stamping on my 3x4 photos. I then sat down this morning and journaled about each photo. Quick and easy.

Ready to start week two!!!